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Today, with the trend of global integration, the economy is growing and developing, goods are more and more diversified and plentiful, leading to greater demand for packaging solutions.

Previously, carton packaging only had the main use of protection, describing preliminary introduction of internal products as well as ensuring safety for transportation.

Today also takes on the role of a “silent marketer”, contributing to building and promoting business brands to consumers.

It helps shape the mind of the brand image consistently and clearly.

Promote the decision to trust, choose as well as better brand identity.

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Imagine, your product  trade is being packed in beautiful, eye-catching small carton boxes and they can attracts many customers.

Whenever visiting your store at the supermarket customers are curious, interested and want to see the product.

Great, isn’t it?

Reveal 6 main factors affecting the cost of carton box packaging:

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Businesses have wasted nearly 30% of their budgets with poor quality packaging solutions !

How can you avoid such unnecessary mistakes?

For carton packaging to become the “silent marketer” most effectively, the design stage plays an extremely important role.

Your designs must be really different and unique!
From there, it will immediately attract attention to the target customers.

So, how to achieve the optimal efficiency of the packaging design as we are looking forward to?



Nowaday paper packaging is a product of the auxiliary industry

And it is related to almost every industry in all areas of the economy.

Depending on the product, goods, and industry, there will be appropriate packaging.

So how to divide each type of packaging so that you can easily visualize and choose the most suitable packaging solution?


  • Product protection.
  • Provide the most complete and accurate information about products to consumers.
  • Enhance the value and class of products.
  • Corporate brand promotion

A beautifully packaging designed, that makes you different from the competition!

  • This is the process of arranging the paper boxes up on the printed molds
  • Includes rough layout and sample testing.
  • And check the structure to be optimal to save production costs.

Saving production costs brings the best prices to customers!

  • Image data on computers is processed by Photoshop software through scanning, image and film processing.
  • The manufacturer starts printing a color-splitting film or printing a copy of C.T.P.
  • Wait for the customer to finish browsing, the processes will then go into operation.
  • Includes stereotyping, printing, printing, die-casting, box closing, product cutting and box gluing.

Printing paper boxes plays an extremely important role in the introduction of new products and sales of businesses on the market today.

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Create a variety of designs, elegant appearance, elegant design. This has captured the "sympathy" of consumers when deciding to choose.



Depending on the characteristics of the product, it is possible to choose the type of paper to produce as well as to print the paper box to suit the best effect



Currently, when printing paper boxes, printing establishments often use the two most popular printing technologies : Flexo and offset.

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